Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Introducing Abbie Dentus...

We are super excited to welcome the talented Abbie Dentus as a guest rider to the team for the year. Abbie successfully secured herself a spot on the Olympic Development Programme at the end of 2013 and will be racing with us during the Women's Team Series this year.  Here she writes about her first race with the team...

On Saturday 22nd March I raced my first womens team series event, at hog hill. I got given a great opportunity by team MuleBar - Sigma Spor to guest for them for the women's team series. I was really nervous as this was my first big race as a 2nd cat junior as I wasn't sure how I would do, turns out I really enjoyed the racing and even the hill!

As I am not so good with downhill sections and corners I tried to make up places in the bunch on the hills so that when I slowed down for the corners I would still be in the bunch, otherwise I knew if I was at the back going into the corners I would have a lot of work to do to try and get back up to the front again.

Photo: Dawn Fry

I felt pretty good during the race and attacked a couple of times, however our attacks got brought back again, the first attack that was made was to try and get myself and a couple of riders to bridge across to my teammate up the road to try and help her out as much as possible, however the bunch pulled all of us back in the end.

With 5 laps to go I made sure I was positioning myself near the front and on some good wheels so that I didn't need to panic about getting stuck near the back,y teammates Louise, natalie, Emily and Adel helped me throughout the race and getting me to the front of the bunch. Last lap and I was still feeling pretty good, I was starting to get really nervous now as I wanted to keep my position near the front 3rd-4th wheel so that I wouldn't have to try and make up places on the hill. As it came to the hill the pace started to build up and then that's when the sprint started to happen, still at the front I stayed behind the wheel I was on and starting sprinting up the hill, I could feel my legs really starting to hurt but knew I was nearly at the top and didn't want to lose out on places  now, as we got to the part of the hill where it kicks up again I gave everything I had left for the sprint and got 6th, which I was so pleased with!!

Riding with MuleBar - Sigma Sport helped me get this result as they would always be looking out for me in the bunch and helping me out! They all rode fantasticly and I really appreciate the work they did to help me in the race!

Abbie xxx

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